Friday, September 7, 2007


Alright now, day four of MANCOC. Started the day with a ridiculously slow 2.2 mile run, and of course at the end we get chewed out because not everyone was singing along with the cadence caller. You know what, fuck cadence. Hard to believe a Drill Sergeant saying this, but I have always hated it. My theory is, if you have enough lung power to sing, you ain't running fast enough. Being able to sing a song has never ever saved my life, but being quiet has. Then on to class. What the hell was it today......Composite Risk Management in the AM, with a test immediately following. Too easy. Then all the Infantry students had to have lunch with The Command Sergeant Major of the Infantry Center, who offered me a job as an Airborne Instructor. Have to think about that. Been away from the real Army for to long, though. Then later in the afternoon, One of the senior instructors wanted me to think about a job instructing at the Non-Commissioned Officer's Academy after I graduate MANCOC. Two job offers in one day. Can honestly say that's never happened. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was hiding from the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan though, and I have already been in an instructor slot for the last two years anyway. Haven't completely dismissed the idea though.

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