Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Man From Earth

For you serious sci-fi fans (Star Wars amd The Transformers are NOT serious SCI FI. Cool movies, but fluff none the less) out there, I have just watched (twice already) a great movie called Jerome Bixby's a Man From Earth. I can't talk about it too much but to say the entire movie consists of a group of college professors of various disciplines who gather at a friends remote cabin after he unexpectedly resigns. They pressure their friend a little, and he confesses as to why he needs to move on. The entire movie consists of one long conversation. That's it. And you will not even want to press pause to go to the bathroom. Honestly this is the best movie I think I have seen all year, and it's already November.

Click on the title above to go to the Internet Movie Database entry for this film.

It was released straight to DVD, but I did get it at Wal-mart, so I know they carry it.

Netflix has it.

And so Does Blockbuster.

And lastly Best Buy.


Eric D. Wilkinson said...


Where did you get that poster? It was an "early concept" that I don't think we ever released. Here's a link to the current poster...

And if you want to use the DVD box instead go here...

I'm so glad you liked the movie. And it makes me happier to know that you picked it up at Wal-Mart.

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Eric D. Wilkinson
Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth

Mark said...

Thanks for your comment! Wow a movie producer leaving a comment on my blog! Anyway, thanks to you and all the others who made this movie. Refreshing to see a sci-fi film that doesn't descend into cgi eye-candy and cost 200 mill to make. Sci-fi should make you THINK, and your movies certainly does. Course, I think about all the money I' make due to compound interest over 14,000 years......but hey, I've never spoken with the buddha.

Eric D. Wilkinson said...

Thanks for updating the artwork. You rock.


Mark said...

Thanks yourself for checking out my blog. Keep making great movies and tell friends about my site if you like it.