Friday, November 30, 2007

More about the Man From Earth

Some more about the movie (in case you are interested). I can remember only a few movies that stayed on my mind as much as this one, going over it in my head, thinking of the various layers and sub-layers of the plot (and also trying to figure out just what the hell was going on). Pi is one, the Fountain is a recent one. And certainly Donnie Darko. The Sixth Sense and The Village from M. Knight Unpronounceable (Pi and the Fountain were made by the same guy too, I believe). Also Before Sunrise (another movie that is basically one long conversation and seems to have been shot for about twenty bucks). And don't let me forget Children of Men

Anyway, don't let the fact that this movie has no CGI scare you away! It has great actors including the guy who used to star in the Greatest American Hero back in the eighties) and some really wonderful acting (I Believed these people were college professors), and some really great insights into the nature of proof and disproof (basically the difficulty in DISPROVING anything).

The thing I disliked about the movie- the song that plays over the closing credits really doesn't fit the mood of the movie. One complaint.

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Eric said...

Wow. Maybe I'll have to get it from Netflix if you liked it that much. I'm sold!