Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boy is the Army screwed up or what?

All in one year the Army promoted me to Sergeant First Class and now I am going to recieve the Meritorious Service Medal. What Did Mark Twain say? "I would not belong to any club that would have me as a member"? Something like that.

Well, I must have done something good, or at least I didn't get caught doing too many wrong things.


Magic said...

Man, I always thought the Army was a little messed up! How did this one slip through the screening process!?

Congratulations, bro!
-Eric (from Guam)

Growl said...

Excellent! from Growl(You will need to ask Eric from Guam who I am). Is this how I find out that you are in Guam?

Mark said...

Doesn't this medal look like it was designed by Albert Speer?

Corey said...

Just heard news from Growl on Wed. Congrats, Mark!