Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PCS'ing (Permanent Change of Station)in the Army

Yet again it is time for me to "clear post" and move to another spot in the Army. Clearing is one of the more "Army specific things" of the Army (compared to civilian jobs), in my opinion. Not that I have ever really held a civilian job, for the most part, but I cannot imagine any other occupation that makes you do so much just to move positions. To "clear post" in the Army, you have to darn near go to every building on the darn installation and have them sign a piece of paper (called a "clearance record")
saying that you have either been there, don't owe them any money, and so forth. One of the places I have to go is the "club", which is a place I have never been, and have no intention of going (except to "clear"). The good part of this is that, in reality, it only takes about three (business) days to do this process, and the Army, by regulation, gives you ten business days. You figure it out. Especially if you don't go in to work when you are not clearing, like I am he he.

Course, one of the reasons it is going to be so easy for me to clear is that I am going to Ft. Riley by myself. I will be there for about two months, and then deploy to either Iraq or Afghanistan (I've been to both). Not moving the family makes it both easier, and much harder.

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