Monday, January 28, 2008

A Drill Sergeant moves into the sunset, well, closer anyway

I finished final out-processing today here at Fort Knox. It was not without pain, however, as at my final out processing appointment, the ladies there wanted a certain form (DA 4036-r if I remember correctly) that I have gotten last month when I SRP'd (don't even ask, just another bureaucratic process). So I went to that office to see about that form (thinking I had probably lost it, since they had signed "Okey-doke" for me to continue to clear) and found that they don't issue that form to people who are going to my particular type of assignment. So the gentlemen there called the final out-processing facility and squared them away (that I didn't need that form anyway). So I GO BACK to the out-process office and they are just REAL GLAD that they were proven wrong about their bureaucratic process. But at least it didn't stop me from signing out of Fort Knox. Just got a few snarky comments about the other office from this office not telling them about the change and blah blah whatever just sign my paper! Anyway, a bit ago I signed out on PCS leave with the Staff Duty NCO, Drill Sergeant Geah (there, you're immortalized!)

So that's it. I have succesfully completed my tour as a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army without going to jail (which, if you believe the news is pretty much what Drill Sergeants end up doing), got promoted to Sergeant First Class, and made a difference (I hope) in some young Soldier's lives.

Now I move on to Fort Riley to train up to be able to train Iraqi (probably), or Afghan (hopefully) Army forces to be able to take out the bad guys. This promises to be both the most interesting and challenging assignment of my career. All the fun of both being a Drill Sergeant (instructing) and doing it it in a combat zone AND not speaking any of the language (any of the Arabic and Pashtu I picked up is long gone). Wish me luck. and skill.

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You are wished good fortune, skill and good health!