Saturday, April 26, 2008

Barack Obama takes a stand on not taking a stand

Barack gets interviewed reference the big spurt of murders in Chicago. His solutions, which seem to contradict each other:

1. Get more cops on the streets (solution to gun violence in this case is more guys on the streets....with guns)
2. He is against concealed carry laws, because.......wait for it..........the solution to gun violence is NOT more guys on the streets with guns. And that there is no evidence that concealed carry laws have caused any drop in crime (Which is NOT True, even FBI studies have shown a drop in crime where concealed carry laws are enacted).
3. And then the last line in the interview, and I quote (this is referencing the recent controversy about the personally owned gun ban in Washington DC), "I don't like to take a stand on pending cases". OK, I am going to translate-"I will form my opinion about this when the issue has already been decided."

What a twit.

Anyway, here's the article

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Now here is something we can agree on!