Saturday, April 19, 2008

My job, and other things

Training, such as it is, has commenced with a resounding crash here at Fort Riley. My team is starting to gel real good. A great bunch of guys with a ton of experience in the Army, but noone is getting hung up on rank.

As my faithful readers may know, I am an Enlisted Infantryman with 18 years of time spent on active duty. I have been deployed to combat pretty much at every level of the rank structure to date, as an Infantryman. And my job on the team is going to be.......wait for it.........NCOIC of the intelligence section. Time to start OJT'ing like a mad man! My OIC, though is an experienced intel guy. He is a Captain who will probably be promoted to Major next fall, so he is taking me under his wing and teaching me what I need to know.

Training today: We sighted in our personal weapons and fired the qualification course. Tonight we Execute night fire qual with our night vision systems.

To my six loyal readers (one came on board last weekend) drop me a line and let me know how things are going!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're keeping busy again. How did you end up in an Intel position? Things are going well here. I've got one more week in Okinawa, then I go back to Iwakuni. Then it's to Australia at the end of May. Email me your mailing address at Ft. Riley. I've got something to send you. Did you read any good books while you had nothing to do?

Your brother in arms,

Alex Klimowich said...
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