Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buy Me a Camera

You know, I have always liked taking pictures, and when I deployed here to Iraq I came with two cameras, a Jazz Elite HD digital cam-corder, and an Olympus 8808 8.1 MP point and shoot. I have taken literally hundreds of pictures since I came here and the only reason I do not post more here is the sadly slow bandwidth that I am forced to deal with (damn this war!). Anyway, I have been looking at FILM SLRs online and while they have radically dropped in price, i am trying to save my money for more important things, namely, a Motorcycle. So I have decided that YOU, the reader will have the honour (note the Brit spelling) of buying and sending me one! Click on the link below to purchase and send me a Vivitar 35mm manual SLR! My address is in a previous post, so go hunting for it. The person who ponies up and sends me one will receive an autographed picture guaranteed taken on the camera you send me! Make sure to give me your address!!!!!!

Link to Amazon

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