Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Loyal reader has stepped up to the plate!

Hmmmm, that worked so well maybe I oughta try for the motorcycle next.......


Your camera kit is on its way. I went with a 28-70 zoom to give you a bit more flexibility, but if you need the 50mm 1.7 for low light I can get one your way. I did not get a flash, but you are all set with everything else you need. I would have gotten you a nice Minolta like mine, but the eBay purchase and sending it out for cleaning and adjustment would have taken some time. Is there a film lab in Iraq? I photographer I know in Afghanistan brought his film gear and had to go digital as the none of the posts have a lab anymore. He is a Chaplain.

Same-o, same-o here. I did manage a day at Oshkosh this year. It was incredible. I have a shot of a F22, P38, and a P51 flying in formation. If I send you pics, how should I size them? Will under 300k file size work? My next major photo jaunt will be the WW2 days at the museum next month. I made some nice snaps earlier in the year and am planning on presenting them to the units when I attend. My friend Mike has me suckered into being a photographer at On the Waterfront next weekend, so that might be interesting. We just got back from New Orleans where we went for a Shaklee convention. The town would have been a blast if I was 15 years younger and single, but I cannot recommend it as a destination if you have kids along.

I do check your blog for updates. I hope you are doing well and give my best to your family.

Good luck with the camera!

Lance Eldridge

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Anonymous said...

Awww that was nice Lance. I hope you and your family are doing well. We will have to come visit you all when Mark get back.