Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I Did Today

Yesterday one of the Shurta in one of the companies we advise killed his friend in the same company. He fired four rounds point blank. One round was stopped by his armor vest, and another was stopped by his helmet. The other two were stopped by his, well, between his vest and helmet. It speaks very well for the armor capabilities of the vest and helmet he was wearing, unfortunately, no armor on the face.

That much is the truth.

The rest of the story is kind of sketchy. The shurta who shot the guy panicked and ran away. Apparently (depending on which Iraqi you talk to), he made a telephone call to his unit to say he would turn himself in today. Which, reliable reports say he did do just that.

Also depending on which Iraqi officer you talk to (and believe me, I try not to), you will get two different stories leading up to the shooting. One version is that they were arguing about something and one of them opened fire. The second is that they were two friends talking and the one shurta had an "accident" with his rifle.

Well, that's all I know about that. Truthfully it is all anyone is likely to know. At least us Americans. I got the sense the Iraqi officers were embarrased by the whole thing, especially having to explain it to us.


1. Have you ever been shot in the face with an AK-47? How did it make you feel? Discuss.

2. Has anything ever exploded near you when you were posting to your Blog? well it just did here and it scared the shit out of me. Discuss.

3. Did you forget what shurta means?

4. If you are a policeman who shoots another policeman accidentally, who do you turn yourself into? ANSWER (a different unit)


NahnCee said...

shot accidentally ... 4 times

I'd be embarrassed, too.

David M said...

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