Friday, February 22, 2008



I am writing this post on my new ASUS eee pc laptop. It is a "sub-notebook", and by sub notebook, I mean it is barely bigger than a DVD case. well, about twice as thick. It has a 4 gig solid-state hard drive (flash memory, no moving parts), a 900 mhz celeron processor and 512 mb of RAM (upgradeable to 1 gig, which I'll probably do). It weighs in at right around two pounds (.92 kilograms). The operating system is a version of Linux developed by ASUS based on the Debian distribution (I prefer Ubuntu, but hey). It IS capable of running windows XP, which i will probably have to load, because this is going to be my deployment computer and the Army still runs on windows (even though Linux is FREE) and there is some software that i will need that runs only on windows.

The lack of storage seems like a handicap, but you can easily add an external hard drive (3 USB ports!!! or put an SD (secure digital card, like in your digital camera).

I thought the tiny keyboard would be a problem, and that I would have to take a USB keyboard that I own, but I am typing this with NO problem, and about as fast as I can type on a normal size computer.

All in all, a great computer ( so far ) for a traveler, child, or older person who needs a simple, small appliance to do email and websurfing.

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