Sunday, February 17, 2008

My journey from Kansas back to Kentucky

When I flew out of Kansas, there was a herd of Bison across the street from the airport. I basically flew on a Beech King Air (19 seats), no cabin attendants and no door between the passengers and pilots. We got to watch the landing (if you crained your neck), from the pilots point of view which I haven't seen in a long time. The landings in KC, DCA, and Louisville were smooth as silk, and my boys were waiting for me at the last stop! Can't get better than that, can it?

I got to be a tour guide on the way in to DCA. The lady behind me was looking for DC sights and I am somewhat knowledgeable about the geography of the area and was able to point out the Washington monument, the capitol building, and the Potomac river (the big dark spot that went from left to right). She said, "you must live here"! I replied with, "Yeah, 14 years ago! And for only one year!". We also flew over Arlington on our approach, but it was night and you couldn't see it.

When we took off from National, We flew in a hard left turn right over the Pentagon, then Arlington. I could see Lee's house and the Tomb's of the Unknown, and then the barracks of the guys who guard the Tombs. Almost wish I had more time in that area. There's a lot of special spots!

When I got out of the plane in Louisville, and got in our van, I got such a great smile from my boy, Mark (who obviously doesnt know whats going on yet) that it was well worth the 500 dollars and day of travel.

Is there anything more valuable than that? If you can imagine something that is,..........well I wouldn't know what to think of you.


Alex Klimowich said...

I was just in DC on Thursday for my spring break, and then I made the pilgrimmage (which is what it felt like) to Arlington and watched the Changing of the Guard.

I had never been to DC and I was very impressed. The monuments are all very poignant, beautiful and somber.

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