Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thank a Veteran

One Of the best moments in my life was when an elderly gentleman who said he had served in Korea walked up to to me (while I was in uniform) at a Walmart in North Carolina and wanted to shake my hand for my service. Thtat's all he did, walked up to me and said "I served in Korea, and thank you for what you do". and grabbed my hand and shook it.

America is worth fighting for, most importantly when she's wrong.

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Magic said...

I, too, had a similar experience once. I was driving back to Pax River from Oceana a few years ago with a couple of my friends. We were in uniform and stopped at a Taco Bell to grab something to eat. While we were waiting to order, a couple of gentlemen came up to us and simply thanked us for our service. One of them said that he was a Vietnam Vet and that no one ever thanked him for his service and didn't want that to happen to any of us.