Saturday, February 2, 2008

but then, yet, the best piece of music ever

Excerpt from the movie "Immortal Beloved" starring Gary Oldman as Beethoven. In this scene he is standing on stage, listening to his Ninth Symphony being conducted for the firs time. Supposedly, he could not conduct it correctly, as he he was stone cold deaf by the time he wrote it, so he stood next to the conductor. What is not shown in this clip is the conductor physically grabbing him at the end of the symphony, turning him around to see the standing ovation he was getting, which he never heard, just like his own, greatest work.

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Dad said...

We saw and heard an actor at a Rockford Symphony kinder concert do what you were describing. It was so moving with the ninth that it brought tears to my eyes. Alex and Bailey loved it! I think some music is the language of God.