Saturday, December 1, 2007

Boy there's a good story behind that first sentence. But check out his Blog.

Don't worry, SFC Buus (since you're not a DS anymore), I will no longer be pissing on my own equipment. That's something you do once in a lifetime, if you have to do it at all. And I will be paying close attention to your blog. I read a book on training for the SF and it said that mentors are few and far between, and any help you can get in any minute doses should not be sneezed at. So if your blog gives me an incite into what preparing for Iraq is like (even though it's still at least 2 years away from me), it will be absorbed.

Air Assault School was the hardest thing I've done to date, but I'm glad I did it. I doubt it was as tough as when you went though. Since the inclusion of females into the school they did lower the weight requirements on the ruck (or so I've been told). Everything else pretty much stayed the same. That said, I'm still bucking for my Airborne slot, I just have to wait for the Brigade HQ to send down the availabilities. I will be Airborne one way or the other, but it's good to get as many schools out of the way as possible. Might as well make something of my time in college.

I've put in for a slot at Mountain Warfare, but the competition for that is fierce and will most likely go to the braniacs at Princeton, since it's a Brigade-wide slot.

I told you Sergeant, I'm no shitbag. I'm working hard toward that 11A position and eventually Ranger School.



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