Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Millionare Funding Search for Bigfoot near Lake Tahoe

No, it's not that Branson guy. He funds enough weird stuff already.

Wish I could find an article by a real wildlife bioligist explaining how much land it would require to support a viable population of a seven to eight foot, 800-1200 pound primate. Any of my six readers care to respond? Jane Goodall believes they exist, but she lived with gorillas by choice. This animal would have to be much smarter and craftier than the Gorillas in Africa, which keeps getting wiped out by illiterate Africans by the busload (even though some seem to be fighting back against humans, see previous post).

Video below is the famous Patterson/Gimlin footage from the 60's. Still from the video upper left.


Anonymous said...

How would you know whether the Africans are illiterate? Evidently you think illiterate hillbillies are smarter.

Mark said...

You are correct, I would not know if the Africans who poach the Great Apes are illiterate. That was an "attempt" at "humor". Perhaps it was a bit too subtle. I think my point was more that a large population of primates living mostly in secrecy, at least from the scientific world, would have too be much smarter or craftier, or stealthier than the great apes of Africa, which ARE being killed off rather quickly, whether their means of death is at the hands of people who can read or not.

Anonymous said...

Hi thr, thanx a lot for this lbog -- This was what I aws lookiung for.