Friday, December 14, 2007

Rodolfo P. Hernandez

I have met this man and shook his hand.

Cpl. Hernandez, a member of Company G, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action against the enemy.

His platoon, in defensive positions on Hill 420, came under ruthless attack by a numerically superior and fanatical hostile force, accompanied by heavy artillery, mortar, and machinegun fire which inflicted numerous casualties on the platoon.

His comrades were forced to withdraw due to lack of ammunition but Cpl. Hernandez, although wounded in an exchange of grenades, continued to deliver deadly fire into the ranks of the onrushing assailants until a ruptured cartridge rendered his rifle inoperative.

Immediately leaving his position, Cpl. Hernandez rushed the enemy armed only with rifle and bayonet.

Fearlessly engaging the foe, he killed 6 of the enemy before falling unconscious from grenade, bayonet, and bullet wounds but his heroic action momentarily halted the enemy advance and enabled his unit to counterattack and retake the lost ground.

The indomitable fighting spirit, outstanding courage, and tenacious devotion to duty clearly demonstrated by Cpl. Hernandez reflect the highest credit upon himself, the infantry, and the U.S. Army.

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Covey said...

I had the pleasure to meet Rodolpho P Hernandez Congressional Medal of Honor reicpient in October of 08. He entered the resturant where I was and as he entered I knew their was something special about him and his companions. I introduced myself as a Nam era 4F and asked if the gentlemen were Nam vets. I was told two were but that Rodolpho was form the Korea. I was informed that he was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. I had the pleasure to speak with him a few minutes and say my thanks. Nothing ever seemed so inadiquate. I contacted his waitress and paid for his breakfast. Upon leaving I again shook the hands of his pals and shook his hand again. Every time I tell this story I get GOOSE-BUMPS. GOD BLESS THEM ALL. Buying a lousy breakfast, how inadiquate.