Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This week I am attending a class on the "Rules of Engagement/Rules of the Use of Force". Basically, a 4-day seminar contracted by DOD to teach soldiers (and the other, lesser, services) on the legal implications of the use of force and when the use of deadly force is legally appropriate. The instructors are a mix of Federal Law Enforcement, Active and retired Special Operations Forces, Municipal and state LAw enforcement types (mostly SWAT) and at least one, gasp, lawyer (although he was a soldier and went to law school at night while he was a cop. The first day was mostly lecture and classroom type stuff, but the next two days are at the range where we will be working on carbine (m4) and pistol (m9) employment. The last day we will be using simunitions at Fort Knox's Zussman MOUT facility. I am enjoying hte training very much and it gets me out of that assinine staff office. More to come tonight on today's training.

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