Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pause in Service

My primary computer took a huge dump, and I am now using my old Pentium III running Ubuntu Linux 7.04 as an operating system as my emergency backup. Let's take this time to plug for UBUNTU, which is making this old (8 years) Pentium run like a champ. The only problem is the monitor is kind of, well, old, and can be hard to read at higher resolutions. Ubuntu is an amazing operating system, and is totally free! When you load it on a computer, it comes with a free "office" suite, Firefox web browser, and many other neat things. You have to be able to delve into the command line for things like installing new programs, but it's lots of fun to learn and their are plenty of online forums to help you out if you are new to Ubuntu or Linux in general. Plus Linux in general (not just the Ubuntu distributions) runs extremely well on "older" computer systems, thus one may be able to delay upgrading just so you can have the latest "vista" or whatever. I bought this computer I am posting on in 1999 from Gateway. It's a PIII 500 mhz with 256 megs of RAM and a 16 meg video card. You don't get the eye candy you would with the latest offering from Microsoft, but screw 'em. They got enough of your money, now don't they?

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