Monday, December 10, 2007

What I did to win the War today

Stand by for a new feature here on This We'll Defend, "What I did to win the war today", a listing of the idiotic stuff that is of the utmost importance in a staff job. By the way, the title is a pun.

1. Went to the dentist at 0730 and got chewed out for not going to the dentist for over two years. When I asked about the ocndition of my teeth, the dentist said, "They're fine." (not technically about my job, but kind of funny I thought. And I don't like the dentist).
2. Set up chairs for the Sergeant Major's retirement ceremony.
3. Practiced pressing play and pause on a cd player to make sure the right music at the right time plays during the ceremony. Thinking very strongly of switching Army Music CD with Cannibal Corpse CD.
4. Listened to an argument about how we are going to store the soldiers gear when they go on Christmas leave.
5. Wrote this blog post.
6. Had the Battalion XO ask if I could set up a new website for our battalion.

Alqaeda look out!

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Magic said...

Funy stuff, bro!