Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How I am going to choose my vote for president

OK, they're all pretty much the same. A bunch of noodle heads. None of them have any concrete plans for doing anything beyond the soundbite stage. So here's the challenge. I am going to keep a list of all the candidates, both democrat and Republican, and as they do something thoughtless, tasteless or just plain idiotic, they get crossed off the list. The one left over gets my vote! Double challenge, Hillary, Whatever Bill does counts for you!

Romney Calls for Employment Verification System that Already Exists
(an actual headline). So, Mitt, you're gone. Oh also for that remark about you tearing up when you saw flag draped caskets being brought home, imagining that they were one of your five sons. Not too much of a chance of that, seeing as none of them are in the military.

So, Mitt's gone, who's next?

This may actually be so entertaining that I may have to start a side-blog for it.

And I just did! Click here!

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